3D Software

3D casino software is still very much in its infancy … but that doesn’t mean that casino providers haven’t recognised how revolutionary it will be to the online gaming industry.

Despite the fact that only a handful of casinos currently allow their players to wager in 3D, you can be rest assured that all of the major software giants have it very much on their radar and in some cases are preparing to launch their first set of 3D games within a matter of months.

This page covers all of the major casino software providers and lets you know whether they currently offer 3D games to the players, and if not what their plans for 3D games are. To be honest, this page is going to be pretty busy as the next six months will see a whole host of new 3D games being launched … and we’ll be working hard to make sure that you’re kept up to date with the very latest news!

Rival Gaming

Rival has long had a history of being innovative when it comes to their casino software and, more specifically, slots. It was Rival who first offered their software as a download package and it was Rival who are widely as the first company to widely fully incorporate Flash into their casinos.

When it comes to slots, Rival have an excellent history too. Around 2009, Rival Gaming launched the hugely popular i-Slots which generated an engrossing story based on the players actions at the machine. As a result, they were able to boast that slots would never be the same again, and players would never have the same game twice.

Given their ability to drive the industry forward over the last 10 years, we probably shouldn’t be suprised that they’re at the front of the 3D revolution too. They’re currently the only software provider of the big four who operate 3D slot games and they’re churning out very impressive titles at a rate of one a month.

In short, if you’re looking for 3D slots, then Rival casinos are arguably your best bet at the moment. They offer players the best storylines, the most impressive multi media and the largest cash prizes.

Rival casinos accept players from the US.


When you consider that they’re arguably the largest casino software provider in the world, it’s perhaps suprising that Playtech haven’t jumped on the 3D bandwagon earlier. At the current time, they don’t offer their players any 3D games, although that’s not to say that there isn’t anything in the pipeline.

Indeed, Playtech have confirmed that they are in the process of working on a suite of 3D slot games which they hope will be released towards the end of the summer 2011. Given their reputation for quality, Playtech’s 3D offering is highly anticipated and is expected to be well worth the wait.


Microgaming are another well established software giant that currently doesn’t have any 3D offerings live. Like Playtech though, they have confirmed that a range of games are currently in the works and they hope to have them live over the course of the Summer 2011.

Given their history in the industry, there are rumours and suggestions that at least one of their new 3D games may be linked to a progressive jackpot which would certainly be a first in the industry although this rumour has not currently been confirmed or denied.