7Red.com Casino Review

7Red.com (www.7Red.com) is an online casino that features the entire lineup of Betsoft games. This includes the extremely popular 3D slots games, as well as a full selection of table games and video poker machines. With a top-notch selection of games along with excellent software and highly-rated customer service personnel, 7Red.com has put together a strong casino site that’s definitely worthy of attention.


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7Red Slots

7Red.com features some of the world’s best slot machines – the 3D slots collection by Betsoft Gaming. These games feature some of the best animated graphics of any games in the online casino world, along with other features that are designed to make these games as entertaining as possible.

If you’ve never played a 3D slot machine before, one great place to start is with The Slotfather. In this game, you’ll be presented with gameplay that feels like it’s straight out of a Godfather movie, complete with a mafia family full of Italian gangsters. One of the things that really sets apart most of the Betsoft slots from the competition is the way the game’s characters are developed throughout the course of play. Most of the characters are introduced right from the start, in an opening voiceover that features the Slotfather himself.

Throughout the game, you’ll play through numerous bonus rounds that will help flesh out the game world and truly pull you into the experience. For instance, you might see “Frankie da Fixer” fire shots at your computer screen, offering you bonus credits for digging through the bullet holes. Another game has you placing slots in local businesses, then enjoying a meal with the Slotfather himself as you discover how much of the profits you get to keep for your hard work.

Other games feature similar interactive features that will pull you into the plots of each game. In Heist, you’ll play along with a professional bank robber and the cop that’s on his tail, including watching a big job go down on a high security vault. In True Illusions, you’ll perform stage magic with the help of an illusionist. In Gladiator, heroes and villains fight for huge crowds, and you’ll place bets on who will win each battle.

Each of these games offers enough variety in play and features to keep things interesting. Some games have huge payouts on the reels, while others rely on a multitude of special features to keep players coming back for more. Still others come complete with progressive jackpots, giving you the opportunity to win prizes that can be worth $100,000 or more.

But the 3D slots aren’t the only machines available at 7Red. In addition, there are about 20 standard slots that are more similar to the games found in most online casinos, or the older style mechanical slots that used to be found in brick-and-mortar establishments. These classic slots feature simpler graphics, and many of the games only use three reels. But while games like Progressive Diamond Jackpot may not have quite the same flair as the 3D slots games, they do have their own charm, and several (including Diamond Jackpot) feature major rewards, including progressive jackpots.

Other Games At 7Red

If you’re not really a slots fan, or you just like playing a wider range of casino games, 7Red.com has you covered. There are numerous table games, specialty offerings and video poker machines to choose from – enough to keep even the most experienced gamblers busy for a long time to come.

One area in which Betsoft casinos really excel is in their coverage of blackjack. There are a total of seven blackjack or 21 games, ranging from basic blackjack games like the ones you can play in any casino, to more obscure variations like 21 Burn Blackjack and Super 7 Blackjack.

There are plenty of other cards games, too. Baccarat is always a favorite, and 7Red also features other very popular poker-based games like Three Card Poker, Let It Ride, Pai Gow Poker and Caribbean Stud Poker. Other card games on offer include Casino War and Red Dog (which is also known as Acey-Deucey).

Another all-time casino favorite is craps. At 7Red Casino, you can play a full game of craps that includes 3x odds behind the pass line. Roulette is also offered, with European and American varieties of the game available. There’s even a “Common Draw” version of the game that allows you to play at the same wheel with other players, so that you can get the safe experience of rooting with the rest of the table as you would at a live casino.

Video poker machines are also in abundance at 7Red.com. Most of these games are fairly standard machines: Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Deuces Wild and so on. Some games, such as the All-American Video Poker Progressive, offer jackpots for making big hands at the maximum bet amount. There are also several Pyramid Poker games that offer a small twist on classic video poker gameplay.

Finally, there are several games that are listed under a section simply titled “Games & Keno.” Of course, there are several keno games here, including both traditional 80-ball games and some miniature games that feature just 40 numbers. You’ll also find Skratcherz here – a collection of scratch card games that includes cards with several different themes and denominations. There’s also a game called Virtual Racebook 3D, through which you can bet on simulated horse races.

7Red Casino Software

7Red Casino utilizes the Betsoft software, a relatively new brand name that has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. As you might have guessed from our description above, the Betsoft client is best known for its incredibly innovative 3D slots games, though the overall game selection is certainly strong as well.

One thing worth noting at any Betsoft casino is that there is only one way to use their software. If you’d like to play at 7Red.com, you’ll have to use the no download casino. This client can be used through any major web browser on any operating system; as long as your browser is up to date, you should have full access to all of the 7Red games.

7Red Deposit Options

One place where 7Red is somewhat limited is in their deposit options. Unlike many sites that offer a plethora of different ways to fund your casino account, 7Red pretty much sticks to a few of the most common deposit methods.

If you’d like to deposit using a credit card, you’re in the clear; both Visa and MasterCard are accepted. In addition, players can use the popular e-wallet service Moneybookers (also known as Skrill) to make deposits. Finally, if you’d like to use a more direct method, bank wire transfers are also available. Deposits can be made in US dollars, pounds, or Euros.

Withdrawals are offered both through Moneybookers and bank wires. When you make a withdrawal, you will have to wait for a three day period during which your withdrawal will be pending before being processed. However, if you change your mind about your withdrawal, you can cancel it during this period.

7Red Customer Support

7Red.com has a number of different customer service options that allow you to receive help any time you might have an issue related to the casino. For one, there’s a live help chat feature that can be accessed from the 7Red.com website. In addition, an email form on the “contact us” page allows you to instantly send an email to a representative who will quickly respond to your problem. There’s also a phone number provided for support, though it is only available in English.

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